Blue Eye

Submucosal Injection Agent

Canister of 10 Syringes 5 ml ea

Keep that Lesion Lifted!

Blue Eye™ is indicated for submucosal lift of lesions in the GI tract. Polypectomy, EMR, ESD.

Longer Lasting and Higher Lifting
Blue Eye™ in lifting evaluations shows more consistent lifts in height and duration of lift. 1 Mucosal elevation reduces procedure time and increases the success rate of the endoscopic procedure.

Sodium Hyaluronite has a 20 year track record and safety profile in endoscopic procedures. Blister packaging acts as a barrier and protects against cross-contamination: maintaining sterility from manufacturing until usage.

Easy to Use
Blue Eye™ is easy to use because it can be connected directly to the injection needle.

Blue Eye™ is biocompatible; it contains hyaluronic acid, a biopolymer naturally present in the human dermis, and similar to human tears.

1. Data on file.

Blue Eye™ has longer lasting mucosal elevation

Blue Eye has longer lasting mucosal elevation.

Made in Korea | CE certificate | 5 ml Sterile and Pre-filled syringe | Shelf Life 2 years